Monday, February 27, 2012

Baby it's cold outside....

I'm pretty much an outdoor photographer. I've taken my share of "snow" shots, some intentional, others unfortunate. I've tried to work around dripping noses and reddened ears and fingers so numb they can barely press the button.
So Saturday I joined "Photowalking Utah" and went to an indoor photo shoot. It was crazy fun and good diversion from my current worries. Inside a church in Draper all of the trappings had been removed to set up a number of photoshoots complete with models to demonstrate natural light, strobes, wizards, backdrops, props etc.
 Me and my newest 200 best friends clamored for the chance to use equipment I can only salivate over and give direction to real models. They gave us the recipe for how to best use the lighting equipment at each station. It was open to all comers even if you only carry a point and shout camera. Here are some of the results...

 This is the "piano man", no strobes but I did have to tweak my manual settings and avoid the glare of the hot lights.

 Yes, he was waving real swords and I used the telephoto dimension of my lens to stay far enough away.

I'm standing right next to this huge light, only good for head shots, but if that's what you mostly do, then rock on.
This simulated stage, theatrical. A lot of back lighting to work around.
This was one of my favorite models. She stayed in character even when we adjusted her "jungle".
Loved shooting for detail. Check out those eyelashes.
Strobes are a lot of fun to work with. She's standing on white paper but not even a smudge of shadow shows up.
Totally retro, but representing the glamour that photography can be. So I think photowalk in Utah will be in my dayplanner more often. They try to schedule something each month and all you have to do to participate is show up. In pursuing my plan to "Live the life well-lived" I'm trying to "show up" more often in my own life instead of just going through the motions.

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jeannine said...

Lisa, I would love to take better pictures. If you ever hear of anything like this again, please let me know... OK?
(I am looking for a new camera so that I won't embarrass you)