Sunday, March 25, 2012

Help me solve a mystery?

So as I assist my mother in clearing out old dressers and desks and in general disposing of things that she can no longer care for. We occassionally find a treasure. I will share some pictures and what little information I have and maybe one of my followers have a living family member that can assist in identifying what I have.

This is a palm sized purse that I believe was probably purchased in San Diego, California in 1937. It appears to be hand beaded with a small tag that says "made in chechoslevakia" in side. I believe my maternal grandmother purchased this while attending her brother's wedding. Grandma has been gone now for about 2 years so I can't take it back to the source. The treasure found is this delightful purse tucked away in a drawer. The treasure lost is that I have no idea why my grandmother kept it for all of these years. It should have a grand story, but the story is lost.
     The beaded purse was not alone... inside I found this.

 It appears to be a metal (no plastic) compact case that might have once held pressed powder. There is a little catch to release a silver disk so that you can get to the pressed scottie dog. Maybe a secret place to hide something that is most precious.
So check with the most elder member of your family and see if you can find a story about these items. I would really love some history. And never fear, by the time I pass these on to my own children they will have a significant story. I'm thinking maybe I could invent a story of my grandmother being a foreign spy and she used the little hiding place for microfiche, it was before the 2nd world war and she was visiting a Naval Base.  The best discovery was this....
Inside the little tube at the top is "ancient" lip color. I always thought my grandmother fancied bright, bordering on obnoxious corals and reds. It appears she started that habit at a very young age. And maybe my grandmother only kept this as a memento of the last time she was young and single, because she married my grandfather in 1938 and began the serious business of raising a family.

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