Saturday, August 6, 2011

...A moment of silence;

Okay, so in reality all the moments will be silent from now on. The music has been removed. I just listened to my playlist for the very last time. In case you miss it. I like soft rock with a little country influence. I like female artists that get back at men that have done them wrong. I like all strong female leads. So when you visit my blog from now on, you should bring your own music along. I like Taylor Swift, LeeannWomack, Miranda Lambert, Dixie Chicks (even when they are politically incorrect; like in "Good-bye Earl"), Shedaisy, Terri Clark, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Sinatra (yeah, I know he's not female.) So maybe you should enlighten me and share your favorite artists or song and I'll add them to my MP3. (Yeah, I'm not cool enough for an ipod) Thanks for all the helpful comments on improving my blog. And yes, I'm still working on it. First, I have to edit some pictures though. I'll post again soon.


Georgia said...

My playlist is gone also, so I won't be listening to my own music while reading your blog either, Lisa.

The moment of silence will stretch on. But we can play them all in our minds and hum along when it gets too quiet.

jeannine said...

I lerked today. I loved reading what you have written. You are wonderful... don't ever believe what others say.... you are the beast! I mean BEST!

Anita Preece said...

I like your blog without the music. I think you've done great! Very high tech--I am impressed!