Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Savannah and Luke

First off, I would like to welcome Savannah's family from Texas to my blog.  I'm posting a very small portion of their engagement pictures. Isn't the internet awesome? Here are some random picks....
This is the first time the new couple has pictures taken together, you try to get them to loosen up and enjoy it and take advantage of any available props.

You go through a couple of clothing changes and different locations. Neither of these photos is acutally off-center, I'm just considering where they may write all the details about their wedding, reception and where they are registered.  It's distracting when that information is covering up the couple.

Engagements are taken to announce the bright and shiny future of the new couple so you try to involve their personalities and interests as much as possible.

We worked in and around some old weathered buildins and stone structures. Our plan had been to enter the old school house but the pigeon droppings deterred us.

Grooms often act "tortured" by the whole event but Luke was not actually harmed in any way.

The bride-to-be also survived. Soon Savannah should have a CD of her pictures and she can email you as many copies as she likes. I always include the copyright release. So what do you think?

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