Saturday, February 16, 2013

Before and in between...

So at some point I'm hoping to post an amazing blog about what happened to my kitchen. I want to be so thankful for the dust and discomfort and I will be, just not yet. So here are the pictures of "before" and "in between".
Once upon a time I had a beautiful if not entirely functional kitchen .
This is what it looks like with the "bar" missing. It was one of the first casualties in the remodel.
Here is my husband in full on removal mode. It's a little sad but a lot exciting.
In addition to laying hardwood and moving water lines we also needed to be able to "power" our island. We were pleasantly surprised to see that "power" coming from the floor in just the right place for our island. We had thought it would have been powered from the wall, so we would have to "fish" the power line in place. Time saved one day.
And down came the cabinets. So it's patching and notice the new paint?
The fridge has moved to it's new location. Were hanging onto the sink cabinet as long as we can. When the sink comes out we will need to wash dishes in our bathtub for 2 weeks. That's the estimated time before the counter-tops will be ready to support a new sink.

 We had anticipated cabinet delivery on Monday, which was more days then our cabinet guy gave himself as a deadline. But, wait for it, wait for it. They are NOT READY for delivery. Not Tuesday and not Wednesday but with any luck, Thursday. To anyone considering a new house. I made my husband a promise that I would divorce him before I would ask him to remodel the kitchen. He's not worried.

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