Saturday, February 2, 2013

Beware a "handy-man" husband

So I thought it was time for an update on the project over taking my home and my life. I don't want to appear too whiny when I describe the mind numbing mess. I really didn't know I was so "OCD" about dust and that includes sawdust.
So the hardwood is wall to wall and this is the "un-cluttered" version. Suffice it to say that even bright and early when I am leaving home by 5:20 a.m. to get to work I have to turn on all the lights or risk taking out my hip with an unexpected fall.
The hardwood is 2/3 the way down the hall.

Yes, he is using the saw in the house. Truth me told I'm  beginning to wonder if Tony took on this project just so he could buy this new saw.
Notice the carpet pad stuffed in the "air intake" space. I would love to tell you it is reducing the dust and dirt recirculating with the furnace, but it would be a lie.

And there you have it, all the toys and the small stack of wood that is contributing to the hallway. Next week Tony plans to lacquer finish everything and then we start removing cabinets. We will probably try to function with only a fridge, crockpot and microwave for 3-4 weeks so if you have any great recipes, be sure to share. I'm sure hot cereal and sandwiches will get old very quickly.

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