Thursday, February 7, 2013

The remodel continues

I'm that person that is always a little wary about what I wish for because I can see the big picture. Well, I wanted to update my kitchen and pretty soon that trickled into the family room and then pretty soon it was down the hall.
This is the current status of my living arrangements. My last remaining child at home is not happy to have to endure the inconveniences. He left for the bus earlier than normal this morning because in his words "there is a disgusting smell in our house" and disturbed a deer near our front porch making a meal of our honey suckle vine. So even the creatures outdoors are disturbed by our current mess indoors.
In case it is not readily apparent, yes that is my sofa and my dining room table on my bar. I used to give my youngest daughter so much grief for sitting up there. Yes, the standards have changed since she left home.
Long view, so you can see just how much hardwood has been laid. The window treatment is planned for removal later today.
Just ready for another coat of lacquer.
This is where all the things that can't remain on the hardwood have gone. I'm sure it is every little girls dream to have a huge compressor in her living room.
Yes, this is the entry way and my love seat. It's no wonder I never have guests anymore. They can't get through the front door.
With so much of our house out of commission it has turned meal time into a scavenger hunt. We still have access to the stove and fridge but nowhere to eat once it is prepared. So far we have resorted to eating in bed, yes full on meals, no crackers. Navigating to the basement and using the pingpong table. The only other seating arrangement is in the bathroom and I'm not letting anyone go there.  This looks so fun I bet you can hardly wait to start a remodeling job of your own, huh?

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Georgia said...

Your floors are gorgeous!! I can't wait to take off my shoes and step onto them in person (I'm doing it in my imagination right now).

I hope you get to reclaim your home soon and are still sane when it happens!