Tuesday, November 16, 2010

grAtitude with the big "A"

THis being November I'm thinking of all the many blessings that are mine. I have running water and when I flip the switch the lights go on and I don't need to know anything about electricity. I have my health and everyone in my extended family is healthy as well. Really and truly it doesn't get any better than this. Family is so important. I'm nearing the empty nest portion of my life when things should slow down and your commitments should be fewer (or so I've been told) but my life is even fuller with new opportunities to be important in someone's life. The tapestry that we weave is a complex series of threads and knots that bind many generations together. The things that mean the most to another person may not be the things you think about the most but the things that you do the most. Make a memory with someone today!!!

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