Wednesday, November 10, 2010

An investment vs. a fee....

In checking out the competition my eyes have been opened as to what photograpy can cost. Yikes! I heard of "friend discounts" that are well above my fee schedule. So here goes, I charge a different fee per service based on how many heads I may have to swap, how much editing I may have to do and what finished product you desire. For example, for family photography my fee that includes the CD and copyright release begins at $50. What does $50 include? Up to 3 persons, for each additional person add $10. So do the math. Back to school pictures? $50 minimum that includes up to 2. This includes multiple poses and up to one clothing change. Senior portrait package for high school seniors is $60 this includes the CD etc. 2 clothing changes and 2-3 collage pictures with your school and class of graduation written on for enclosure with your announcements. I will add a location fee of $20 if it is outside my "normal" shooting area. And large extended family groupings start at $150 an hour and I will shoot all the groups, individuals that I can in the amount of time that you choose. Reasonable? yes?

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