Friday, November 19, 2010

In defense of PDA

So the current hot topic at area junior highs is "public display of affection" and they are totally against it. I'm not in favor of teenagers "sucking face" while leaning against their lockers. However, the definition of PDA includes hugging and high fives. I can almost appreciate the hugging, because next it leads to sucking face, right? However hugging will be tolerated if say the basketball team has just won the state championship, what? EIther let the kids hug or don't. Hugging only permitted at sports events seems like a double standard right? I geuss I yearn for a simpler time when hugging wasn't offensive between two willing and consenting persons. Now as for high fives, really? I've never wanted to "suck face" with anyone following a high five. High fives just don't put me in that kind of mood. So what do you think?

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Amber said...

Hugging is fine. Laws, everything is crazy. What are they going to do for dances? Although I do agree about the sucking face.