Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why do they pretend that "pressure" isn't painful?

In an effort to keep my pictures current, I have decided that there is not much more in the way of good photographic advice that I can give. In order to get good pictures, you have to have good pictures taken, be relaxed, wear comfortable clothes and have fun. That being said, I am puzzled by health care professionals that tell you to expect a little "pressure" when what they really mean is they are about to purposely do something that will cause you pain. Today, I replaced my temporary crown with a permanent one. Yeah, you can see where I am going with this already can't you? So when my dental professional (who does a very good job and who I like very much-consider that the fine print) forced a foreign object up to my gum line (my crown) and pressed with all of his might into the top of my head. It felt like he was using the sole of his combat boots to grind it into my head, but no (I looked) he was only applying "pressure". Look, pressure is what turns coal into diamonds so it is not a little thing. Looking back, the only other health care professional that ever reported pain as pressure was my OB/GYN. It went something like this... "you will feel a little pressure as the head is delivered." Really, sherlock? As a I pass an infant the size of a virginia ham through an opening the size of a small orange I may feel some "pressure". Interesting that I have never had a female health care professional describe pain as pressure, don't you think?

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