Monday, May 16, 2011

About baggage- Day1-2

     I usually travel with children, not just because I'm a mom but because they make such good pack animals. Instead, I find myself at the Atlanta Airport having to "schlepp" my own 200 lb. baggage (interpret baggage anyway you would like) 4 miles to the shuttle. (Okay so it probably wasn't 4 miles, but it seemed like it after sharing 2 double beds with my 3 new best friends. As you can imagine there were sleepless moments.) And just so you know, my Right arm is now 4 inches longer than the left from dragging my wheeled luggage behind me.
   Getting our boarding passes was a comedy of errors. Each of the 5 of us were given different instructions and a different line to stand in, even though we were all going to the same place. Turns out they were switching out our airplane due to mechanical problems.
   Once on board, I had to check that we weren't on a tour bus. Our plane seriously, taxied that long. I began to wonder if we would taxi all the way to Miami. In Miami, we transfered to the plane that would take us to Jamaica and I turned off my phone. No more contact with my family until I figured out the limited internet aboard the USNS Comfort. I had no idea I was so addicted to my electronic gadgets. So here's a picture of my home for the next 4 weeks. I'm going NAVY now.


Georgia said...

Loved your report on Sunday. Thanks for allowing us a peak into your life for the past month. I especially like the photos!

jeannine said...

Too bad we didn't really know each other at this point... only a few shared horrors would link us forever...