Monday, May 30, 2011

An Officer and a Gentleman

This being Memorial Day, I figured it was only fitting that I give a BIG shout out to all my friends still at sea and everyone else I've ever known that has endured the rigors of military life and shouldered the burden of protecting my country. My father was career military, serving in Korea and Viet Nam and I have always known that freedom does not come free.
These pictures were taken at dawn while out at sea. The navy nurses all wore their "white" uniforms. THey only came out for special occasions like ambassador tours etc. And ever since the uniform was worn by Richard Gere, there is just something kind of warm and dreamy about them, don't you think? These are my fellow nurses and I think they look hot. Sorry ladies the one in the middle and on the right are already taken, but the one on the left is single. Should I hook you up?

The military nursing staff and the volunteer nursing staff. Remember this was an exercise in seeing how well we could come together and serve as one body. I may have to say it myself, but we really rocked!

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