Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My 10 "Don'ts of Summer"

I interrupt my blogging on my adventures aboard the USNS Comfort to participate in the weekly writing prompts provided by . Even though most of us have lost faith that summer will actually come this year... I am listing my Ten Summer Don'ts.
    DON'T stress over a swimsuit. Really, were all insecure about exposing all that untanned skin. So let's make a pact... we'll leave the suimsuits that should only be worn by a super model to the super models. Shop smart and buy the swimsuit with enough reinforcements to suck you in an inch or 2. ( More than that and it starts to seep out the openings and cause you to resemble a sausage casing.)
    DON'T go outside without checking things in a full length mirror. And practice your walking away so when you are in public it resembles a "swing" and not a "waddle".
   DON'T forget the sunscreen. Wrinkles only look good on a raisin.
   DON'T overeat. There will be more potato salad and chocolate brownies next week too. Practice moderation and pace yourself.
   DON'T overplan. Some of summer's most delightful events just happen. Be open to staying in the moment and making a memory.
   DON'T overspend. This a don't for the rest of the year too. Debt is not pretty and it's never fun to take months and months to pay something off.
   DON'T avoid adventure. Do the thing you think you can not do. It's the thing that will make the memory. Eleanor Roosevelt said, " Boring women rarely make history." So make some history of your own.
   DON'T expect every family event to resemble a hallmark commercial. Does your family usually behave as if they love each other every moment of every day? Then why would you expect them to while they are hot and sweaty and wearing sand in tiny dark crevices? Small don't here. Don't set yourself up for failure.
   DON'T mow the lawn in flip flops. If you love all ten of your toes then cover them up. Don't make me get out the photographs.
   DON'T cry when laughing is so much more fun. You know you will laugh about it in 10 years, so take the years off your life and laugh about it now. Life really is about being enjoyed.


RedWriter said...

Very entertaining, who lost a toe? :) x

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lisa,
Great post today!
I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday and leaving a comment. Hope you'll visit often! I had a chance to read a few of your posts about your time on the Comfort. And plan to go back to catch up on more of them.
I also participate in Mama Kat's workshops. I chose the "big trouble when you were a kid" prompt today.

Greta said...

I love the last one, it's a great thing to remember!

Kindred Adventures said...

Summer should be spontaneous! Isn't is true about family doesn't need to be Hallmark perfect! Cute post. I also enjoyed reading about your other adventures. Enjoy your time and summer! Visiting from MamaKats -Laverne

Paulette said...

Great List!