Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 17 Appreciation for a drunken sailor

Today we are on the open waters. I have been very careful not to say out loud..."I've not been seasick." Having only been on one other ship and being far more miserable than I have been on the USNS Comfort. I still didn't want to jinx myself. I came fully loaded with prescribed medications, however a side effect of taking them is "double vision". I'm not sure that would improve my seasickness so I have so far avoided taking anything.
At this point you should know that I'm pretty sold on the fact that Pepsi can cure anything. If you've ever watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" you will remember the father used windex as a cureall. YOu could soak in it, spray it on etc. I'm nearly as fanatical with pepsi. My husband will claim that I don't really drink it, I'm just soothed when the pop-top is pulled and I hear the air escape.
So as part of our exercises today, we drop a big ol' target in the ocean for all the men and women who carry the big guns around the ship to shoot at. And evidently in order to make it more sporting we drive the ship in a circle around it.
This is Thompson, he's just posing near the gun holder, but he looks pretty cool. So about those circles we are doing in the open sea. I tolerate the first one. I start to see stars with the second one and by the third when we are hitting our own wake I have started to catalog what I have had for breakfast and how it is going to look on my shoes. During this time in the PACU, some of my co-workers are sitting in chairs with rollers and using gravity to go from wall to wall. WE are really rocking back and forth on the ocean.
Remember my need for Pepsi for all things that ail me? I have to climb 3 decks up with the ship pitching and rolling. The stairways are narrow and I can reach both hand rails. Ahh, salvation when I make it to the deck and have the Pepsi machine in sight.

At this point there are other servicemen around and I have an audience as I pitch with the floor and start on the far left of this picture but end up on the far right. I didn't want to appear as lame as I felt so I rapidly fed my quarters into the machine by #4. It was false advertising, there is no pepsi in that machine. I am now faced with a huge problem. There is no other beverage that will do, and heaven forbid someone try to make me choke down diet anything. But I'm stuck, people behind me are looking, I need to appear cool. I grab a diet coke, move immediately to machine #3 for my pepsi and scurry back to my berth holding onto the walls.Just my luck I ran into Lorena and passed the diet coke off to her.P.S. I kept my breakfast down.Once I had consumed my pepsi and we started to sail in a linear fashion again I was okay. So in defense of all drunken sailors wherever they may be.... it may not be their fault.

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Georgia said...

You are hilarious! Thanks for the chuckle of day. You painted quite a picture for us all and it was quite compassionate of you to recognize that those drunken sailors might not be at fault for their crazy actions or perhaps even their foul language.