Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 11; Securing to leave Jamaica....

When I first started to working in the PACU I was forever tripping over the "D" rings in the floor. They are these obnoxious rings that are not quite flush with the floor, they are bolted in. They are steadfast, strong and immoveable, they are a falls hazard. They are necessary.
    When preparing to leave the Jamaican harbor, it's important that all things with wheels are secured. Otherwise, expensive equipment can be damaged in transit.It's all in the name of preparation. It's a lot like our lives, we will experiance rough waters, we will have bumpy rides but if we are prepared we can weather the storm. This is Navy for weathering the storm.

That's not all we did on day 11. There is kind of an excitement in the air. We have successfully completed the humanitarian aid to one port. We have all learned to work together and find our place. And there are only 12 more stops in this deployment.

   One other thing we did today was of course take pictures. Here I am on the bow with some of my new best friends. I should point out that we are wearing blue shirts in the foreground, but the entire purpose was to get a picture of the protection force in the background. Pretty cool huh? Guys with big guns, there is just something adventurous about that. Anyhow, we were actually more interested in documenting the background.
  And with that we set our course for the Panama Canal. Farewell Jamaica!

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