Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 5; Experiancing MRE's

     Anyone that really knows me, knows I'm not a fan of packaged foods. I'm a little suspicious of foods that have a longer shelf life than I do. If the ingrediants listed on the side of the package are hard to pronounce that is a clear indication that it is not food but a science experiment.
    So I find myself in Jamaica at the sports arena, sampling a "MRE" (meals ready to eat). My father was career military so this is not my first exposure to MRE's and in their defense they have improved. I can't recall what meal my father would bring home, but I have a vivid memory of peeling back the pull tab and removing the foil wrapped chocolate bar that was nested inside. It was round to fit in the can and it was almost never melted.
   I was not so fortunate with my MRE selection in Jamaica. I selected a mexican entree and using water and the chemical pack was able to heat my meal. Unfortunately at this point I got a little too much help with the preparation. The packet marked "refried beans" was set aside and the packet marked "enchilada" was squeezed and pummeled until smooth, or at least as smooth as coarse corn crackers and meat paste can be. I think the presentation could be better as well, I mean what is with the camo tan coloring? Never appetizing.
    I was certain I would be put off mexican food for forever after this episode, but I'm happy to report I still like enchiladas and nachos prepared in a kitchen. Check out other distasteful foods at


Anne said...

I was wondering what MRE stood for. Here in Annapolis it's what they call the other side of the bridge..MRE... the Maritime Republic of Eastport. I don't think I'd love Meals Ready to Eat but they'd come in handy camping, hiking or boating and sometime you are so hungry that anything taste pretty good.

jeannine said...

You should have tried the "Happy Meal" MRE. I enjoyed the tortilla and chicken salad that came with my happy meal. Also a drink box can't be ruined. My best meal though was the home cooked Peruvian lunch from the "senora". What a deal, $2 for a piece of chicken, rice and an Inca Cola. Take me back to Peru!

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