Wednesday, July 6, 2011

10 TV shows that should make a comeback...

I'm following the writing prompts from Check out all the other opinions there. First off, let me report that I think this may be a sneaky way to identify just how old I am, as a couple of my favorites are in black and white.
1) I dream of Jeannie. Remember when her exposed midriff was the major scandal on television? I just love that she didn't have to have a six pack to pull that look off. Can we bring back that fashion statement? And can we return to covering up our bodies just a little bit? Really, there are NOT that many people who can pull off a thong in public, I'm just saying.
2) Gilligan's Island. No matter what disaster they faced each week, no matter their education or their money, they just couldn't get off that island. But they were sure positive about it.
3) The A-team. Doesn't everyone root for the under dog? Explosions are always entertaining.
4) Remington Steele; THis is early Pierce Brosnan, the man of mystery. Telling for the time that women were just creating their own space in the work force. And proof positive that they were doing a good job.
5) The Adams Family. This was show that reminded you that odd could be good, could be okay. I think they put the original fun in dysfunctional family.
6) Bewitched; Who can't get behind a woman with other-worldly powers? She was ahead of her time with all the current vampires etc. following in her wake.
7) Wonder Woman. She did have the best accessories. Who can't support a woman wearing spandex, gold bracelets and red boots, especially when she has an invisible airplane?
8) Dukes of Hazzard; This was cheesy and over the top, but such fine entertainment. At a time when all entertainment had to do was be fun. I miss that simpler time when television was still fun and not a political statement.
9) M.A.S.H. It was gritty. It made fun of things that weren't really funny. It created a family atmosphere from all the displaced people serving in a war. But what I miss most about M.A.S.H. is hearing my father's laughter with each episode.
10) Gilmore Girls; It's all about the memories. I watched all the seasons with my daughters who are now grown and busy with their own lives.
And the best part about bringing back these television shows? Maybe, I'd get my 25 inch waist and 14 inch thighs back at the same time. I'm so much thinner, taller and prettier in my own re-runs as well. What about you? Do you have a favorite show that should make a come-back?


Amber said...

Gilmore Girls absolutely win!

Dumb Mom said...

Never watched (or even heard of) Remington Steel and I missed the Gilmore Girls craze too. But LOVED all the rest. I liked Charmed a lot too. Sorta makes me think of the magical version of Gilmore Girls.

Georgia said...

You've divulged your age with your list of shows. Of course I recognize every one of them because we are the same age and I have to agree with your choices. Except for Gilmore Girls, which I've never seen, I liked those others and for all the reasons you listed. Rob and I used to like Quantum Leap in the 80's. Remember the guy with the swiss cheese memory and the weird hologram assistant with a faulty computer? It was fun! The show I loved watching with my children was Malcolm in the Middle. That was a CLASSIC kid show with hilarity that has rarely been equaled.

Thanks for sharing your list!

B said...

We are all younger, thinner and prettier in our reruns. Sigh.

I remember my brother and father loving the A-Team. It was a little too guyish for me. Loved me some Bewitched and Adamm's Fammily though!

Paulette said...

I totally forgot bout Bewitched and Giiligan's Island. Loved Gilmore Girls!

RedWriter said...

When Gilmore Girls finished it was like saying goodbye to an old friend, sob. But we called our new daughter Katharine Lorelai in honour of the show and while not technically the reining Lorelai she is quite happy to be in line for the throne ha ha. :) Great list... Remington Steel... that moustache! :) x

Anonymous said...

I also chose this prompt today. And, although many of my shows were from the same era as yours, I Dream of Jeannie was the only one we duplicated.

"Thinner, taller, prettier in my own reruns": I love that!
And I've never seen Gilmore Girls either...

Karen and Gerard said...

I have Addams Family and Gilmore Girls on my list too but also enjoyed Gilligan's Island now and then, Bewitched and Mash.