Thursday, July 28, 2011


So as part of 's writing prompt, I'm writing about what I miss most about the school year. What I miss most is the consistancy. I miss having my house to myself for 7 hours a day. I miss early bed times so I can still have moments in the late evening to accomplish something. I'd love to say I miss the smell of paper and the chore of vacuuming up eraser shavings but it's just not so.
I miss the sweetness of this 5 year old who was so anxious to be old enough to go to school all day. He was much easier to entertain, he ate less and hugged more.
I miss a floor littered with legos, the kind that you step on in the night and want to say bad words.

I miss being young enough to be his mother, because after all if he ages, don't I? When I have to think about another school year, and homemade lunches and homework and schedules, I guess I also miss a house full of children getting ready for school, now that I'm down to just one. Aaah, but those 7 quiet hours are calling my name. What about you?


Heather O said...

I know just what you mean! I am also ready for school to start again... for all the reasons you listed and more. The number one thing I'm looking forward to: QUIET! ;)

Banker Chick said...

I use to love August because it meant it was time to get ready for school. Unfortunately, I worked much of my children's later school years, so I was always glad when school would start again. Visiting from Mama Kats

Georgia said...

I'm afraid don't share the 'happy-back-to-school' attitude. I have always been sad when our summer is ending and it is back to work for all of us.

This year is especially melancholy for me since my baby will be a senior in high school and then no more back-to-school seasons for me...sigh...

Anonymous said...

Your description of evenings once kids are back at school captured my feelings perfectly. I completely agree with you, and now that I have accepted that I am looking forward to summer ending, I am going to make the most of it!

Here from Mama Kat's!