Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Arrgh! Computer illiteracy bites...

Okay, I really do have value. If your heart stops I know what to do. (It's not look the other way, or call for help). But my self-esteem plummets everytime I attempt to think outside the box while sitting at the computer. See I have this grand idea to combine all of my blogs about my adventures at sea and put them behind a single tab so they are easier to locate. In case, any of you just want to get to know the ship better and are not really interested in my daily rants.
Enter my friend, Melissa. Check out her blog at http://www.melissajcunningham.blogspot.com/. She is soon to be a famous write so get to know her now so you can say you knew her before she was famous. In any case, she helped me create some pages and adjust the widths and in general begin a makeover of my current blog.
Then guess what I found out? A page is static, you can't add to it, once you create it it sits there and grows cobwebs until you delete and replace it. Not the perfect storage area for my 28 days at sea.
So all you amazing I.T. people out there need to help me out. It will be a fair trade, if your heart stops I'll do my best to get it started again.
And while we are on the topic of changes, what do you think about the whole playlist thing? Has it served it's purpose? Do you have your own music you would rather listen to while checking out my blog? Do you want me to change the playlist? Don't be shy, let me know how you really feel.
Change is inevitable, you can't hide from it, fight it or prevent it. Let's make this a good change.
Excuse me, while I go check out some bright and shiny things.

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