Monday, July 25, 2011

Pictures and more....

Remember my groom who took a header during our photo session, well here he is with his bride to be after a little touch-up work in photoshop. I'm apologizing for my lack of posts in recent weeks. I'm a firm believer that I can either blog about my life or have a life. I haven't quite figured out how to do both.

What I really love to do is take pictures. It's so easy to make already great looking people look even better.

I'm not quite sure what our motivation was to include these cows. But after they went to so much trouble to form a line, they were just irresistable. If we tack on corsages and boutineers they would look like the bride and grooms attendants. The perfect picture is the one that evokes the memory. I think Matt and Michelle will always remember the day we played at the barn.

It's common now for many of the couples to create their own photo announcements. Request that your photographer take a few shots with you off to the side to allow for words etc. Almost everyone has an uncle, cousin, friend who is well versed in photoshop so creating an announcement that says exactly what you want it to say is no trouble at all.

Congratulations Michelle and Matt!!!

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Georgia said...

These photos turned out beautifully! You are very skilled as a photographer and at Photoshop, Lisa. I can't see Matt's injury at all.

I loved the line of cows in the background. That was extremely thoughtful of them to be so organized and cooperative for your photo shoot.

Thanks for taking time off from life to blog about it!!