Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shh! I've been keeping a secret.

Here is my confession.... I'm not a rock star but I feel like one everytime I remember seomone's birthday or anniversary. I'm a distributer for Send out cards. Their motto is "Chaning lives one card at a time."
I love this company for a couple of different reasons. 1st off, I'm a procrastinater. I'm very proficient in putting things off. Just ask anyone who has received my family CHristmas card in February. Last December I put all my Chrismas cards into a "campaign" and had them all ready to go out in 18 minutes and I never licked an envelope.
I'm also Queen of the "would of, could of, should of" adding new lines to my to-do list everyday. With Send out cards my thoughts to send a card of congratulations, cheer, or thank you never make it to my to-do list. Instead, I sit down at my computer, select a card, write a heart felt message and hit send.
Then a physical card is created and mailed to my recipient. One of the best parts is I type the address in once and the contact manager remembers it for me. It also remembers birthdays and anniversaries and sends me an email reinder! How cool is that?
Do you want to feel like a rock star too? Click the button to the right of my blog that looks like this and create a retail account.
2 Accounts are available...Susbscription (best value) 20 points minimum @ $9.80/month. THat's enough points for 10 basic cards. No inventory for you- pick from a huge catalog or create your own with picture plus 2.0. I created this card.

Next add expense; this is for postage, shipping, gift cards you might send etc. Then enter your information. Your email is how they alert you to reminders. Don't want to make a $9.80/month commitment then choose pay as you go.
And a special shout out to anyone not in the continental U.S. Cards and gifts sent via Send out Cards leave from Salt Lake City avoiding that whole FPO and APO long term wait, no matter where you are.
Still skeptical then let me pay for your first card. (Remember Father's Day is coming up.) Send me an email to lisart2rn @ yahoo (dot) com with a method of contact and I will send you instructions. No obligation. IT's as easy as that!
There's a contest this week to add 4 new retail accounts. So if 4 of you could be my new best friends and sign up that would be great.And if you want more information about being a distributor and creating a residual income, send me some info. You can click the comments button next to the "posted by" at the top of this post or email me and I will get back to you. THanks, more from the Comfort later today.

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