Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 18; Abandon ship and Little Black things....

So it's no mystery when you are going to have drills aboard the USNS Comfort because it's all spelled out for you in the POD (plan of the day). So as the time of the drill draws near you make sure you have a hat, a long sleeve shirt and appropriate foot wear. Then you are prepared to skulk around the ship and find a life jacket closet. Life jacket closets are not in spaces, they are in passageways, I know it didn't make that much sense to me either, so I picked a closet near the PACU and loitered until abandon ship was called.
Each unit aboard the ship is assigned a lifeboat and we group on the flight deck in our areas for the drill.There we muster, because all must be counted for.
When we get the all clear you learn rather quickly that there are only a few specific routes down from the flight deck and all lifejackets must be returned to the same closet you got them out of .

Another thing that happened aboard the ship was we had a talent show. Many in the show remarked that they could have come more prepared. Not me! What they saw was all I've got. My talent is very raw. Kristen Lee and Cpt. Mazilli (correct spelling implied) were an awesome duo and others in the group shined as well. I requested to go first as to set the bar low enough that I could participate. As it is summer and many of you may be headed to girls camp like me. I will share my awesome talent. I taught all 3 verses of "Little Black Things" to the audience and we had a sing-a-long. This is sung to the tune of "O my Darlin' Clementine" (I think)

Chorus: Little Black things, Little Black things,
Running up and down my arms,
If I wait 'til they have babies,
I can start a black thing farm.

Once a bath I thought of taking,
Then the tears just wouldn't stop,
For the poor, poor little black things,
In the water they would drop.


Once a cute boy tried to kiss me,
Then he screamed and gave a yell,
And he ran for I could ask him,
Was it black things or the smell?


My old man one day he took me,
To a shrink named Doctor Bell,
Doc, he saw the little black things,
Now I love my padded cell.

Ta-dah! That's it. Tomorrow I will post about my buddy in the scullery, J. Dyer. He single-handedly prevented disaster by putting out a food related fire. He and all my other buddies aboard the USNS Comfort are my heroes. Stay tuned.

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