Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer is FINALLY here....

Welcome Summer! In Utah, we've been experiancing Mother Nature in all her bi-polar glory. Utah is a desert state, we conserve water. We only sprinkle our lawns on alternate days and never during the heat of the day when the water will evaporate. Well, at least that's what we usually do. Now, it's practically more politically correct to leave the water running when you brush your teeth.
Utah is a diverse state that features beautiful red rock canyons and formations in the south  and beautiful high mountain vistas in the north. What we usually don't feature is alot of water. However, this year our snowpack percentages are astronomical. As reported by a local newspaper..Monte Cristo is 1,272% of normal, no that is not a typo. Tony Grove Lake 1,436% above snowpack for this time of the year. Francis Peak one of my closest neighbors is at 2,412%. That is wet for a desert state. For the first time that I can remember, we will even have snow skiing through the fourth of July. Most ski resorts have closed not for lack of snow but out of boredom...been there, done that.
And with the added water comes increased danger when we recreate out of doors. Watch all your little ones and even some of the bigger ones in and around streams. What would normally be a wading pool, with gentle lapping water is now a fast flowing riptide. Enjoy some of my pictures of Utah's water and enjoy the first day of summer. And don't anybody complain that it is too warm.

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Georgia said...

You won't hear ANY complaints out of me. The hotter, the better for. I am so tired of cold, wet weather. With a reception in the yard one week from today I say, "Bring on the heat!"

And I think I will irrigate my lawn during the day and let the tap run while I brush my teeth this week in honor of this fine post!