Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's Thursday...time for Mama Kat's writing prompt.

So I will write about the challenges of blogging. I'm not really that new to blogging, just newer to blogging consistantly. A couple things that make blogging hard for me are of course, time. Not like just time management but just minutes in a day to have a thought to myself. I like a variety of things so I'm easily distractable. Just about any bright and shiny thing will make me lose my train of thought.
Another challenge for me is consistancy. Being able to put something out there with some kind of regular frequency. I recently blogged about my adventures aboard the USNS Comfort. That was totally eye opening because I seriously tried for 28 days to get something on there everyday. After that experiance I'm pretty sure I either have time to blog my life or to live my life, but rarely both.
My blog began as a medium to showcase portrait photography that I was doing. A place that families could share with their distant family members to go check out their pictures. Unfortunately, I created the name during one of my "cute" phases and no one can remember where to find me.
I'm also challenged by coordinating all of the different links like twitter and facebook and well I don't even choose to do either of those so my blog is a little antiquated. I'm hoping to install "buttons" soon so people can just follow what they are interested in.
And speaking of interest, why would someone choose to read my daily rants? What is appropriate to share? And what would I rather people that plan to stalk me not know?
And of course, writing like any creative process is personal. It's a labor of love and thought and vision. It's like giving birth. It's hard to hear..."You have an ugly child." But it's deafening when you hear nothing at all and nobody comments. Creative people like to hear what you think, they like to know that you are touched in someway. They like to know that you will return. Please don't tell me my "baby" is ugly and have a good day. Check out other prompts at
Thank you! Thank you! for checking out my blog. I hope to see you again.


RantinRaven said...

I cam over from MommaKats. Your post really struck a nerve with me. I too am distracted by shinny things and I recognize in myself much of what you wrote about.I'm new to blogging and I'm over at SavvyPracticality.

1st, its never too late to start over. If your blog name, host, design etc are getting in your way it's time for a revamp. You can drive traffic from here to a new space so don't let it old you back.

2nd, Google doesn't care if you post 20 times a day or once a week as long as you're consistent. Schedule that one post, and consider everything else extra until you hit a stride. I don't want to take up your comments section down here, but I do want to encourage you to keep going. You'll get there!

Emily said...

Ugh I lost some wise words just now when I commented! I hate that, the comment ozone! I am sick and that is my worst challenge. dr.s appts., filling out mounds if paperwork for my family living under the poverty line, and I need a lot of sleep and rest!

I only post about 3 to 4 times a week. I do some blog workshops such as MKs and belong to an online book club. These give me a type of deadline. I have committed to them and they MUST GET DONE!!

I do not worry so much as to how ! I am rated. I just make sure that every post I write I am proud of.

Mama Kat said...

I think a LOT of us bloggers have some form of attention deficit online. This world moves so fast! There's a ton to read, catch up on, tweet, facebook...the list goes on. I totally get this!

Georgia said...

I enjoy your blog, Lisa. You have a fun and saucy way of expressing yourself that keeps it entertaining. I always read your posts, though I don't always comment...I should, though, because I always have positive thoughts about your writings and usually get a chuckle from your posts.

Thank you for being such a great friend and VT. I can't tell you how much I appreciated the gift from you and Laura! You two are so generous, thoughtful and kind. Thank you!

jeannine said...

We stopped at the church office building last week and saw Susan. Your card was on her desk, front and center!