Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My summer bucket list...

As part of mama kat's writing prompts at I'm sharing my summer bucket list. Just so you are forwarned I'm an under achiever. The prompt wants me to list 50, this is what I got.
1) Have a moment of bone melting relaxation. This is of course secondary to a really great massage, facial or deep tub bubble bath.
2) Find a large enough hole in my overbooked to lay in the grass and just watch it grow.
3) Spend more time with people that make me smile and giggle. Especially those people that can make me belly laught. I really need a goo ab workout.
4) Sleep in without guilt. Afterall, I do work the night shift.
5) Eat homemade ice cream on a day so hot that it drips out the bottom of the cone and puddles between my bare toes.
6) Run through the sprinklers just because they are on. Then have a contest with my children to determine who can shake the water off just like a dog.
7) Stand in a line with my family and friends and spit watermelon seeds over the backyard fence.
8) Enjoy a week day matinee with my three grandsons. Something bright and colorful with a side dish of buttered popcorn.
9) Wash my face with water heated on the camp stove. That means I have to have been camping somewhere fun.
10) Work hard enough to get dirt under my fingernails and vegetables on my table.
11) Take time to compliment someone for a job well done.
12) Display perfectly pedicured toes in a really great pair of sandals.
13) Sit on my front porch and drown in the scent of honeysuckle while sipping lemonade made from squeezing actual lemons.
14) Accept the person in the mirror that stares back at me. She really is doing the best that she can.
15) Give myself permission to limit my bucket list. More than 15 just sets me up for certain failure. I know my own limitations. May your summer be just as fulfilling and fun as my own.


Anonymous said...

Aww, I love these. There might only be 15, but they are all spectacular. Great, creative thinking :)

Bees With Honey said...

I couldn't think of 50 things I wanted to do this Summer. Love your list!

jordy liz said...

you might not have made it 50, but those are some really great ones!

Kimberly said...

Great, positive list. If you do all of them, you'll have a summer to remember :)

Stopped by from Mama Kat's.

jeannine said...

wow... what happened to "Visit My Homeless Navy Friends"?
no... really who wants to meet up with someone who lives in their car JK.

I love your list.... I would add climb Mnt. Timp clear to the top...
Also meet JL and EL at Cherry Hill and sail the Lazy River on a yellow tube!

Adena (aka cre82learn) said...

OMG, I ** LOVE ** your list!!! Now I want to go back and add more to mine (I just might!!) I feel more relaxed just reading it. Thanks for coming by and visiting my blog.