Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 21; About my hair....

So I spent most of the tour aboard the USNS Comfort with my hair in what I refer to as "camping-mode". Camping mode hair is hair that requires very little attention after it is initially groomed. I wore braids, pony tails, french pig-tails, messy buns before settling on an "up-do" french braid. It became my go-to hair of the day. It caused others to comment. Here you can see if from the back.
Some of the comments were less than positive, well at least the ones that "Carl" made about my hair. Carl and I were both serving from the same NGO (non-government organization), we both wore blue shirts. SO in Carl's mind what I did with my hair reflected on him and he would have me believe that my hair was less than pleasing. Trying to one-up Carl I would tell him when someone inquired about where I got my hair done. His response, "Well it's not because they like it. It's like someone asking 'where'd you get the knife wound?' It's not because they want to go there it is because they want to AVOID it."
Really, my hair looked fine and I had no problems with it. On one occassion, Carl was in attendance when my hair was complimented. His response, "well would you tell someone they had an ugly baby to their face?"
This is my hair from the front.... What do you think? Keep in mind that all of the military kept their hair off their shoulders as well. The women usually sported a bun created around a rolled up sock. It's really quite interesting to see one done. I'm thinking Carl was just jealous because I still have all my hair.


Georgia said...

Carl sounds like a jerk or at the very least a big tease. Your hair looked great! You looked very cute and professional. You are lucky to have the perfect length hair that is so versatile; options are great and so are you!

jeannine said...

Carl is losing quite a bit a hair so I'm sure he made those nasty comments because he was sooo jealous... Right?
Did I tell you that I have done the "sock buns" to my grand daughter's hair? Yep! They turned out sooo cute.