Friday, June 17, 2011

THAT's going to leave a mark....

So it's not very often that my photo clients get to take advantage of the fact that I'm also a nurse. Let me set up the scenario before I show you the evidence. Matt and Michelle are engaged. They are in love and ask me to take their engagement pictures at a location of their choosing. ( I just want to be clear that none of this is my fault, I am absolutely innocent) The location of their choosing has a large tree that hangs out over a usually small stream. However, in Utah we are experiancing a very wet "desert" event and we have like 300x more water than we should. So imagine cold, pulsating, rapid volume. You know the rest of this story, Matt climbs out on the tree branch over the water, I turn to change cameras, when I turn back I witness him falling the 8 or so feet into the cold, frigid water and SMACKING his forhead on the bank.
Matt was a trooper, he bounced right up out of the water that had soaked him to the knees. (Be kind, don't mention his soaked shoes when you see his engagement announcement.) Fortunately, his head wound didn't bleed or we would've had to reschedule. While I have no doubts that Matt loves Michelle, I think part of the dazed look he is sporting is due to head trauma. So what do you think Matt, should I go over the symptoms of concusion with you?


Georgia said...

I'm sure that was more traumatizing to you and the little bride than it was to that cute groom-to-be. The best part is you got at least one photo of him with mud on his head so all their posterity can hear and remember that awesome story of dad, grandpa, great-grandpa falling out of a tree and landing in the stream before he got married.

Michelle Johnson said... the bride, I can say I wasn't traumatized at all. I was a little worried about his pride, but I just laughed when I saw what had happened. I really did think the falling into the river just added to the fun of experience... I truly believe that the mishaps can bring the greatest laughter and fondest memories.