Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 22; When visiting a foreign country it's best to take a guide book...

Being on the USNS Comfort is very much like being on a floating city. All of your needs can be met within the confines of the ship. There is a mess deck, a store (for snacks and essentials like soap), a mail room, a pharmacy and all the other hospital departments as well as a laundry, hair salon, chapel, library and multiple gyms. I'm alot of things but I am not a gym rat. I think my family envisioned all of this extra time I would have and that I could pretend I was on the sea going version of "The Biggest Loser". By Day 22 as we were just gearing up in Peru and so far no surgical patients aboard I finally made my way to one of the gyms. Remember all the stairs? I'm a firm believer if I didn't get a firm tight fanny that way than I will have to wait until I am perfected in the next life. In any case, here is the gym..... and me.
The only time I spent on that machine was posing for this picture. At least I'm honest. In any case I did try an innocent looking treadmill. It had a rounded bottom and as you weight moved, it shifted until you had this huge loping gait. It induced a panic born of absolute fear that it would flip me off and I would embarrass myself. (As if these admissions are not enough) The only way to control it was to stop. It takes a certain amount of "hutspa" to try to run on a treadmill while the horizon pitches to and fro. My hats off to all of you that are successful at it. I formed a slight attachment to a stationary bike, at least I was sitting down. And did I mention all of the stairs? What's your favorite way to work out? Excuse my absense for the next 2 days. No more posts until Thursday, I've gone to Girls Camp. Caio!!!

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jeannine said...

Who took that picture of you on the treadmill thing? You look so cute. I can just imagine the sweat poring off you after your work-out!