Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 28; A walking tour.....

And there you have it. My 28 day adventure at sea aboard the USNS Comfort. I will continue after today to post some of my favorite pictures, stories and memories. But today I want to take you on a walking tour from the "for" part of the ship to the "aft".

I've turned from the Bow and will enter the ship headed to the stern. Yes, I'm actually going to climb through that port opening. It's located below the big red cross that you can see in the picture above.

This is the 01 deck, one of only 2 decks aboard the ship that nearly go from the front to the back with limited interruption and zig zagging back and forth. It really is one long passageway.

Past the first set of double doors and still continuing.

Nearly to the exit, then we will turn left and right and continue straight to the back of the ship.

As I boarded my last transfer boat in Peru, I turned and watched the ship get smaller and smaller, trying to burn the image on my retinas. I never want to forget my time aboard the USNS Comfort. It was great to play a small role in something so huge. THank you for joining me on this adventure.

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jeannine said...

Let's go back!!! Let's go back! Wait a second, somebody slap me... maybe we can go back next year after the memories of working 14 hour days are gone.... Maybe we can go back when we forget how bad the food was some days.... maybe we should go back if we could request a room mate who would not break curfew and come into our berth at 11pm... stop it, stop it, stop it! Susan says "think of the good things".
One thing is certain though... I will ONLY GO BACK WITH YOU!
I have loved your posting... YOU ARE THE BEST!