Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 12 Perspective

Okay, so my daily challenge of being grateful has gotten a little hung up  on my real everyday life. I work. I survive Primary Programs. I work. I do laundry. I plan to remodel my kitchen. You get the picture.
Today I'm grateful for perspective. Today, I worked. (I know you are starting to see a theme here, huh?) Then I went to the movies with two of my favorite men, my husband and my son. We went to the 4 p.m. showing. Everyone else attending used their senior discount, which I thought was funny, because it's the same as matinee prices. I thought about whipping out my own AARP card which I don't really have because when I received it in the mail I was so offended, I threw it away.
But case in point, if you want to feel younger, even on a birthday that includes fifty candles, seek out people older than you.
We saw the latest "James Bond" movie. It had some very "old school" parts and far less skin and innuendo than usual. It was fun to listen to all the seniors laughing. Even funner to laugh right along with them.
Reaching 5 decades is one of those milestones. You kind of have to accept that more than likely you have reached or surpassed at least early middle age by now. My children do not believe me. When I have them do the math, they are certain I won't reach middle age until my 70's. It's not really their fault that their view is so skewed. I've never acted my age, and I don't plan to start now.

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jeannine said...

Happy birthday!!! Sorry I missed your big day.