Friday, November 2, 2012

Graditude Day 2

SO I need to make this very clear. The topics of gratitude are listed in no particular order. They are just what I am grateful for in no particular order. Today, I'm grateful for the internet. I have one daughter in Alaska and one in Missouri, that is really, really far away. Through the power of the internet, I can skype them whenever I want and see their smiling faces. I can email them, whenever I want.
And with the miracle of the internet, my daughters have created a private blogspot to keep our family close. It's called D and D chronicles of the adventures of the  Duchess and daughters league. THe biggest wahoo? They invited me to be a part of it. So any day that I'm missing them I can go see what they post and view pictures, current favorites include my grandsons in their halloween costumes and pictures from my daughter's adventure in Ireland. (still waiting on Kat to post). Yes, I'm very blessed.

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