Friday, November 9, 2012

Day8 The enthusiasm of boyhood

As you can probably tell I am the mother of three daughters and one son. The son was a bonus and I learned of his impending birth when my youngest daughter was eight. She is now 21. Yes, it was just like starting over. Having a boy after having daughters wasn't really all that much different. Other than the whole plumbing issue the only other difference that was readily evident when he was little was that when little girls climb up something, they then climb down. Little boys climb up things and JUMP off.
Having a second opportunity to raise young children in our home meant we would be forever young. After a recent outing to McKonkie Ranch near Vernal, I may act forever young but I do have the aches and pains of someone with a few more years of experience.

Another thing I learned about raising a toddler while raising teenagers. They are really very much the same. They want what they want when they want it, and that usually means NOW. They believe the sun and everyone else revolves around them and their needs. And with only a few exceptions most crisis's can be cured with food. I'm more enlightened because I had more than one opportunity to be a new mom. 
Another really awesome thing about raising boys? They can be easily distracted. Just like the yellow lab in the "Red" comic strip who is gone when he sees, hears, or fantasizes about a "squirrel". We get the same response from our son. We just have to say "Lizard".
Here he is hard at work trying to dig one out of the rock with a stick. I tried to protect my husband, but you can see his hat in the lower right hand corner, also in pursuit.
It's a good day in the life of the boy if he can catch a lizard and leave the tail in tact.


Georgia said...

Keeping the tail intact has always been my goal too, though it seems I rarely succeed in keeping anything together lately.

Georgia said...

Love your fun stories about your children, Lisa!