Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 9 Embracing change...

I think few things strike more fear in the hearts of the masses than CHANGE. My family will all call BS on me if I claim to like change. But I do. How else would I take on the following project. You see once upon a time, I fell in love with the color of barn red. It has permeated every room in my house. I use it everywhere as an accent. No kidding, just look...
 This is from the quilt in my bedroom.
 The curtain in the guest shower.
 The pain color down the hallway. The first wall you see when you enter my home.
 My pictures are matted in this color.
 And my curtains are hung in this color.
 All my accents on the wall share the same background color and so
 do the decorations on my table.

No surfaces have been left without some hint of barn red. Then I decided on a new color to accent with. Something fresh and clean. It started at my front door, that used to be barn red and has slowly creeped into my home.
 Difficult to see in this first picture, but it's a light turquoise color. More green than blue. It looks clean and crisp.
 Notice the demarcation where the wall meets the ceiling.
My husband occasionally slips and calls this color "blue", to  which I tell him, if it's blue he will have to repaint because I do not want "blue". I had no idea how much of a work in progress this would be until I saw all the previously selected accents in red. I'm sure glad my husband didn't think past painting the first two walls. Because obviously, redecorating will be priceless.

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jeannine said...

I want to buy mustard yellow pillows for my couches. I really want to.
I also want to buy... not lime green, not grass green but more like the lightest color in one of your plant leaves. What do you think?