Wednesday, November 21, 2012

gratitude Day #21

Okay, so I've been really stingy with sharing all the things I am grateful for. Today, I'm grateful for my co-workers. I have had an amazingly tough year and they have had my back all the way through. They are just a little bit nosy and don't allow me to throw "pity parties" for one. They all want to be invited and figure out a solution. It's rare in health care to truly find a "team" spirit. Were better than the three musketeers because there are more than three of us. Busy isn't bad, it helps me to be distracted from my personal dramas. The team I work with is really good at what they do, and they make me better everyday by associating with them.
So if you've ever wondered about which professionals you should be respectful too? I'm just saying a food service worker works long hours on their feet, they are not your mother but they do take your demands, complaints and they clean up after you. They also have ultimate access to the food and drink you are about to consume. Really, think about it.
Right behind them, are the health care professionals. Seriously, these are not people you want to annoy. I cheerfully "stab" more than half a dozen people a day. I'm quite well versed in where to place an I.V. And just saying, it's possible I can choose where I shouldn't have gone as well. Oh, oops, need to "stick" you again. NEVER would happen, but it's a nice fantasy, right?
Also, be kind to teachers. Really, education is expensive. Learn so you can progress and maybe get a scholarship. Last I checked, you can't get a good paying job making spit balls, acting entitled or being lazy. Do the work.
And that brings me back to my co-workers doing the "work". I promise you it is 10x easier to work at than to find away to avoid it. Be grateful and hug a co-worker today.

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Georgia said...

I bet you made your co-workers' thankful lists too! I am sure they appreciate their association with you. I know I sure do!

I have been thankful for you over the past few years, but in the last few weeks, I have been even more grateful for our friendship and the life-saving help you have given recently.

Thanks for being there for me, Lisa!