Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 6 The postal service...

Today, I'm grateful for the postal service. In the midst of an on-going bad day and pity party I came home to mail. This was very important mail. Mail from someone who calls me "Duchess". I'm about to have a very important birthday, one that the AARP has already celebrated by sending my AARP card which only offended me a little bit. Kind of like when my dentist discussed my current oral dilemma as common for "middle aged women". What you talking about Maynard? In any case I received a homemade card complete with picture finding elements created by one of my absolutely favorite people, James.
You probably can't tell but this got the "place of honor" at our home. That's right smack dab in front of the fridge. Can you find the spoon, fork, basket, ball, or boat? Enjoy your mail today.

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Georgia said...

How cool is that? I hope to get mail like that some day!