Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 13; Grateful for choices

I'm blessed to live in a country that allows choice. I can choose where to live, where to work and how to spend my free time and my limited disposable income. I'm in the middle of a project with way too many choices. It's mind boggling when searching for counter tops to be faced with so many choices. Just take a look and then help me select the winner.

I should mention at this point, that I have "caviar taste" but a "fish bait" budget. This slab is "muscarella". On close out because it's a one of a kind, I'm still looking at 1200 dollars for the slab and that's before the labor. At this point I may have to choose food and shelter over counter tops.

 Of course, the one I really like, I don't know the name of. They are all similar in that they are "warm" and "veiny". "Veiny" and "warm" are two things menopausal women don't like to be reminded of.

And there you have it. What choice would you make? And why? Yeah, this post comes with an essay question.

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jeannine said...

Sorry it has been so long.
I definitely like the first one best Indian Parama. I don't like anything too busy. (My own new counters seem to busy to me.) Also after picking my slab, they installed the same name but another piece so make sure you actually get the slab that you pick out... OK?