Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 4 Nature is Beautiful

I'm a detail person. I'm curious. I like to peek in corners and under things. I like to discover new and interesting things in my surroundings. So I appreciate the many opportunities to find unusual and unexpected things. Here are some of my recent "finds".

 An empty nest can be both happy and sad. Happy because the baby birds have moved one to create nests of their own. Sad because they have gone.
While hiking in southern Utah I found this "lichen" shaped heart. It's searching for the tiny details that add so much dimension to your life.
I've learned that butterflies wait for no man. You have to have a quick trigger finger, live in the moment and learn to anticipate their movements for any measure of success. But when it works? It really works. So what natural thing are you grateful for?

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Georgia said...

Beautiful photos, Lisa! I have a friend who lives in Bountiful and is constantly on the look-out for heart-shaped things in nature. She would go gaga for your lichen shot! I will have to show it to her.

Thank you for sharing another of your amazing talents--an eye for beauty.