Sunday, October 16, 2011

Between buying and creating...

So we have already established that I am a collector of things. I collect job titles; ie registered nurse, registered respiratory therapist, photographer, blogger. I collect family and friends regardless of shared DNA, for me family is a collection of people that want to be together. I collect semi-preciouse stone bracelets, shoes (that goes without saying, it's part of my gender), earrings etc. My latest collection has been accessory pins.
So I thought I would make a few myself. And in so doing I thought I would show you how to create them as well. This will be my first DIY segment. Here are samples of the finished products, you can clip them to your strap or neckchain or add them to your hair. THey can pull an outfit together or add that touch of color that makes your outfit "pop" and stand-out.
It just takes some highly flammable polyester, a small flame (emphasis on small) and some random odds and ends found at either your local craft or fabric store. Or if you are like me, found in the bottom of the junk drawer from the last project you got interested in.

This last one, I wore today. That little splash of purple jem created a great contrast for my pumpkin colored top. So join me tomorrow when I include more instructions.

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