Tuesday, October 11, 2011

No pictures for a reason...

Today I was thinking about some things that I have been BETWEEN. Like my best weight and my walking around weight. Thus no pictures, I'd rather not have visual evidence. My husband often books portrait sessions for me amongst his co-workers. The funniest time ever was when he whispered, "they are not very thin." Mind you he was whispering in our home without the said subjects having audio of our conversation. Here's the absolute truth as I see it. If you weigh more than you should my bet is like myself you already know that. It's testimony to the abundance in our lives. We have really been blessed with too much. So if it's really bugging you...do something about it. Otherwise, embrace who you are and know that most people can have their picture taken without needing a "wide" lens. I'll bet you are one of them, and in the right lighting you can even lose a few pounds. Or you can access photo-shop, right? ;D

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