Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 20 Good News!

So the good news is.... I put on last years jeans for the first time today and they fit. Or is that the bad news? I mean really, I'm not the poster child for pilates but I do work out 4 or more times a week on a reformer bed. Maybe it's because I use a form of exercise with bed in the title? In any case, let's all walk down memory lane, remember 20 pounds ago when you though you were FAT? Okay, everyone raise their hand if they would love to be that FAT again? No kidding, huh?
I will not abandon my workouts but I may be starting to accept the fact that holding steady is really the best I can expect. Age has a way of molding your body into a shape you've never considered normal before. So if I can forgo osteoporosis and hold my shoulders back and my head high? Yes, then that is good news. Not every body type should fit into skinny jeans, I'm just saying. And you know who you are. So good news to you too!

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