Thursday, October 6, 2011

Some pictures...BETWEEN

I recently had the opportunity to take portraits for the Sean and Kalee. It was a riot. The ceremony was touched ever so lightly by falling rain drops, the bride and groom were sheltered under the canopy. It was very romantic for them and very refreshing for me. Photography equipment by and large is not water friendly, but with some careful dodging, no camera was lost to the effort that day.
The groom and the father of the bride, with the bride "between". The groom convinced the bride to hold still and not pull back. Darn! That would have been a picture that needed no caption.

I begged the father and the mother to tap their "bumps" together. He had no sense of humor. So instead, the toddler is "between".

The groom "between" the best men. A childhood trio that grew up together. Oh, the tales I'm sure they could tell. Most that their respective mothers know nothing about.

A brother "between" sisters. That can be a really rough place to be.

The middle sister "between" her siblings. Again, the tales that could be told.

Somewhere "between" the time that girls are fun to when they are icky. It's a precious time, cherished by all that witness it. So what "between" do you remember from your wedding day?

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