Tuesday, October 4, 2011

BETWEEN girlhood and whatever comes next....

I've been meaning for a very long time to include my daughter's adventures teaching english in China. She and I were both off the North American continent at the very same time.  She experianced many different foods, sleeping arrangements, transportation and toileting. We take a serious lot for granted here in the U.S.of A. Teenagers in general take a lot for granted as well. I remember her excitement when she was preparing to leave home and live on her own while attending University. Her eyes just glowed with the sparkle of ultimate freedom. She had become a "pseudo-adult". She knew we still had her back and would not allow her to go hungry, naked or without shelter and she had no curfew, no rules, and all the other "no's" she had so desperately anticipated. THen she met roommates and started to pay bills.
And just like the genie in the Disney movie "Aladdin" she had ultimate power but a teeny, tiny living space. The trappings of maturing come at a price. The price of groceries, laundry detergent, fuel, tuition etc. I do applaud her resourcefulness. She never leaves a restaurant without a "doggie bag" and she attends all university activiites that involve food. She has come to learn and respect that no curfew, no rules is just an interpretation. When your parents no longer monitor you, others step in to perform that function. People like employers, teachers, roommates etc. It's better being back in the U.S. of A. though. Here at home her blonde hair and blue eyes are not seen as such an oddity. But while away, it was like dealing with the paparrazi.

No way you can get away with anything, when you are the center of attention.

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