Wednesday, October 5, 2011

BETWEEN now and then...

It's a sobering thought when you realize that you are old enough that some of your prior belongings are considered "vintage". I have survived tie-dye and bell bottoms, muscle cars and big hair and bangs. It's amazing to me that like the energizer bunny I keep going and going and going. Today, I had the serendipitous event to be called off. So although I was planning to work for 12 hours, I was home. And in those 12 hours I cleared all of the "to-do" things off my plate. So thank heavens for slow surgery days that allow me to stay home and get things done. So as you can surmise there is a BIG gap between what I think I can get done and what actually happens. If you are waiting on wedding pictures (Kalee and Sean) or back to school pictures (you will have to just know who you are) you will be receiving your prints very very soon. I'm down to creating C.D.'s and stuffing envelopes. I'll post some pics later this week. Sometime BETWEEN now and then.

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