Saturday, October 8, 2011

BETWEEN the constant rain fall...

Most people hope and pray for a sunny day when they plan their pictures. I do not share that prayer. I hope and pray for clouds, lots of clouds that filter the light and soften it. With clouds their is no fear of squinting or positionings challenges related to the space in the sky that the full sun occupies. You don't have to plan morning shots for the west side of building and wait for afternoon to access the east. But with clouds their is the inevitable threat of moisture. We accepted that challenge and succeeded in getting Savannah's bridals done today. Here are a couple of samples.
The landscaping looked hand picked for her with the purple matching her shoes and bouquet.

Savannah will be a december bride but due to school we needed to take her bridals now. This is a picture that I will eventually edit and color and play with, but Savannah will also get a copy just like this. THis full side shot includes her wedding ring in the details.

We even included Luke now and then. I learn alot from my brides. I once had another December bride and it was bitter cold while we shot her pictures. Her nose turned red and started to drip and then her ears turned pink and I was sure she would get frostbite. I tried to keep her spirits up and keep her focused on the photo shoot and tried to discount her obvious misery. I kept telling her it was normal, that a December bride was a cold bride. She taught me a valuable lesson when she told me "a December bride is a happy bride." So BETWEEN now and then I know Savannah will be a happy bride too.

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