Saturday, October 1, 2011

Special, secret, safe hiding places...

So one day, I was more or less tending one of my grandsons, when he disappeared. In my defense he was playing with magnetic letters attached to the fire door that separates my garage from my washroom. My eyes were not on him, but I considered him to be safe. Imagine my deep panic when I opened the washroom door and could not see him. Imagine my increased panic when I opened the door to the garage and saw the gaping hole where the garage door should have been. My grandson went from being safe to being potentially unsupervised in the world at large. I raced out the gaping garage door and looked up and down my residential street looking for some sign of him. My heart filled with dread as I realized I would have to tell my daughter that her son was missing. A search around my house and into the backyard was fruitless. With lead filling my shoes I went back into the house to confess my blunder and get reinforcement in the search for my grandson. This is what I found in my wash room.
The little monkey had climbed into my empty dryer. He had no idea he was lost, he was having a great time playing hide and seek with "duchess". I often reflect on that moment when I knew he was safe and sound. He had selected an optimal place to hide. I don't necessarily hide things, but I do put them in "special spots". Spots so special that they might as well be hidden. Among the things that I have placed in absolute secure spots where they will be safe from flood, tornado, famine and pestilence... are my social security card, the remote control that allows me to fire my camera and be in the picture without using the timer, and a beautiful pair of diamond stud earrings I received from husband more than 11 years ago when my son was born. Okay truth be told, I'm sure the earrings have long since been sucked up in the vacuum and turned into treasure at the landfill but that doesn't make them not safe right? A few other things I am missing, most notably my mind and of course my 25 inch waist. What about you?

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Georgia said...

Oh, what a relief it was to find that sweet little guy. You must have been weak in the knees after the adrenalin rush you experienced.

Things I have lost (besides my sanity) include a gold bracelet my grandmother gave me, which still haunts me because I think it was stolen not just lost; my junior class ring, I think my 18-month-old daughter, Danielle, threw it in the garbage because she was going through a phase; and more house and car keys than I even want to think about.