Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Multi-tasking isn't for sissies

So I missed another day of blogging and after positive responses from my followers and other unmentioned friends. I got over it. Part of my problem is the overabundance of things going on in my life. Today, I was  multi-tasking. Multi-tasking is not for everyone, mostly probably not me. I just don't really have the capacity to focus on more than one thing at a time. So I spent the morning editing bridals for beautiful Savannah.
We let Luke come too. All would have been fine had I surrendered all of my attention to the task I was doing. However, I decided to throw in some laundry, half-listen to a day-time talk show, text several people on my cell phone and plan activities for the next 2 days since I'm off work.

Somehow I managed all of that. But I will admit I was not doing all of the tasks very well.

So before I deliver the punch line. Let me list for you some things that should never be done at the same time.
Even the best multi-tasker would be undone. Don't text and drive, enough said. It's just like driving drunk. gasp! Don't answer questions about your medical health while having your hair dyed. Giving the wrong "yes" could earn you a new-color due. Magenta is not a color for fall. Don't microwave while talking on the phone, it's easy to keep hitting reheat until you need a fire extinguisher. And the one that nearly ruined the new tile in my bathroom today?

Don't edit photos while drawing a bath. Really, do we saying drawing a bath anymore? So the hot water is flowing and my mind is disconnected at the computer while I send pictures to be printed. I have admitted to many things, one of them is that I am not now, nor have I ever been considered a runner. I prefer to only run if I am being chased by someone that I don't want to catch me. This scenerio doesn't happen often. As I have told more than one friend, it is not because I "can't" run, it's because I "don't" run. Well, guess what? I can sprint pretty good. I got to the whirlpool tube just before the water lapped over the edges. No tile suffered any undo drowning.

My advice, keep your eye on one topic and focus, focus, focus.

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