Monday, October 24, 2011

Yikes I missed a day!

On day 23 I failed to blog. There goes the month. I don't think I will take up this challenge again until maybe February and only then if I have pre-planned some blogs. I did go to a writing workshop on Saturday and I was milling over everthing that I learned.We focused some of the workshop on learning about the arch-types. The four pairs of characters that show up in every literary work. And how depending on your view point, the labels may shift. Consider the story of the wicked witch of the west in "The Wizard of Oz" compared to the wicked witch as portrayed in "Wicked". It's also interesting to note that each and everyone of us perform the same roles in our lives everyday. So missing yesterday was really the result of my "villian" getting the upper hand over my "hero". Truth be told the "villian" spends alot more time in control. So what about you? Who has the upper hand? The "villian" or the "hero"?


Renae W. Mackley said...

Okay so you're human and life happens. Villians happen. But I have to tell you what your title made me think when I first saw it. Yeah. You might be pregnant. Ha ha. At least it got me to read your post.
Hope all is well with you Lisa and the best of luck with your writing.

Georgia said...

I am pretty sure that your intensely busy life which prevented you from one day of blogging cannot be considered a villainous trait.

I loved the writing conference. Thank you so much for taking me! The only problem is now I am over-analysing every sentence I write. Maybe I shouldn't post this stupid comment....? Angst, angst, angst....