Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's all about the details...

I love to take pictures. I love to frame people. I believe in the serendipity of the universe that aligns the planets and makes things just so. That's just code-speak for I make the most of whatever nature presents me with, clouds, bright sunshine, falling snow or the light drizzle of the beginning of a downpour. They each provide their own challenges and benefits when taking pictures.

I love adjusting the saturation and creating a picture that displays the feeling. I always encourage brides to have their own picture shoot. It's the perfect opportunity to make sure the hair works, to work out the details of how much time it takes to create the "look" and to prepare for any potential wardrobe malfunctions. I also encourage the use of flowers, shoes and a veil to provide interest and even prop the picture.

While this is a lovely picture of a beautiful bride, the positioning gives me pause. Mostly, because with very little imagination it's easy to give this picture less than a PG rating. Enter the props.

Still lovely portraiture but with less of the "bedroom" feel. It increases the interest of the picture visually and adds to the story of the picture.

Backlighting outlines the veil and provides a special glow that highlights the bride.

Add the mist of rainbirds and you take advantage of what is available. The nursery zinnias add a touch of color to draw the bouquet into the composition.

And my goal is always to portray a beautiful bride. No cheesy smiles for Kalee, just a soft "mona lisa" hint. Her dimples and the soft "grin" around her eyes is all she needs to telegraph her happiness.

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