Sunday, October 9, 2011

BETWEEN now and the end of the month...

What must I have been thinking to choose to take on a blog-a-day challenge in the month that has 31 days. Couldn't I have waited until February? I seem to nearly almost always take on more than I can chew, but I'm still moving forward. Today is a confession for me. Some might consider me a hoarder, but really I'm just a highly evolved collector. I collect all kinds of things. Family members that don't share any part of my family tree, and truthfully I sometimes like them better. I had a fetish with semi-precious stone bracelets for a while, I've since learned to share that particular collection. So I am healing from my collecting. Currently, I like blingy fashion accessories, so I'm not completely well either. I also collect hobbies and interests. I'm easily distracted by new and shiny things, opportunities, jobs, stuff. I find I'm not entirely attached to the stuff, I just enjoy the hunting and gathering phase. So as part of my current therapy I'm going to start whittling down the piles of stuff that are crowding the joy out of my life. Next stop? My email account. I seriously have saved a guacamole recipe since 2005. Never made it. But I've saved it. It may seem minor to some but I'm even going to remove myself from some of my mailing list. What are you going to do today to lighten your load?

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Georgia said...

You are doing really well with your blog-a-day challenge, Lisa. I am proud of you and I enjoy reading what you have to say.

I'd like to whittle down a collection that has taken up residence in my basement. All of the family history papers, pictures, memorabilia, and knick knacks from Rob's Mom's house is sitting in boxes covering my craft table and stacked along all four walls in our entertainment room. There are about a dozen paintings here too. I keep bugging Rob about making some decisions and his answer is, "I have to make sure that no one else wants it before I get rid of it." AHHH, I think I'm going to have to intercede and act on behalf of all the Crouch siblings and be the one who makes the decisions (does anyone know how/where to rent a dumpster?)